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Meet Our Campus Leaders

"In lab I would see [Coach Gray] sit with students individually if they were struggling, and he would explain the entire system we were working on from the beginning to the end. If it took 30 minutes then it took 30 minutes. He was always so patient with his students and wanted to make sure they all understood the material." -Becky C.

Campus Leadership

Now that you’ve met our faculty, want to meet our alumni?

“I felt so loved and welcomed at that school and I honestly did not have one bad part at TCTC, from Clarice and Chelsye in the office, to each of the helpful instructors, and even now after graduating. I love them like they’re part of my family and I even invited them to my wedding! I have my career now… Texas County gave me my career. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or feel more blessed to have come from a small program like that.”  

-Bailey Walker, RN Class of 2017

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Current Openings

1-2 days a week, May-August. Working with LPN and LPN to RN students. Benefits include competitive compensation, access to clinical adjunct office space, and access to free Assessment Technology Institute (ATI) Continuing Education credits.
Applicants must have a current MO RN license with no discipline against license. A minimum of 2 years’ clinical experience in med-surg or acute care (ER/ICU) is required. Applicants must have a BSN or are actively working towards a BSN with a four-year completion plan.
To apply, send resume to [email protected] with 'Clinical Instructor RESUME' in the subject line.