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Financial Aid

"Clarice and Chelsye will do absolutely everything they can to find financial help for you. They set me up with programs and grants and all kinds of things that made my whole experience there free." -Brittany S.

Financial Aid

Before we begin, let us explain a couple of things.  Any time you see the term “financial aid”, that just means any money used to pay for college that doesn’t come out of your own pocket at that time. There are many types of financial aid – some that you have to pay back, some that you don’t. For more information about specific grants, scholarships, loans, and work study options, head to our Financial Aid Options page.

Money You Don’t Have To Pay Back – Grants & Scholarships

Scholarships and grants are sums of money given to an eligible student to be applied toward the student’s education costs. Students do not repay scholarships or grants, but must meet specific requirements to receive them.  Scholarships are awarded based upon various criteria, which usually reflect the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award.

Money You Do Have To Pay Back – Loans

Various loans are also available to assist students with educational costs. These loans must be repaid according to specific terms.

Work Study

The Federal Work Study Program provides jobs for eligible students who must earn funds to pay a portion of their educational expenses. Students must be PELL eligible and enrolled for a least half time to qualify. The number of hours a student may work is based on the financial need demonstrated by the student, the number of hours possible for the student to work, and availability of FWS funds at the institution. Students must apply for a position according to college guidelines to be considered for Work Study.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Our goal is to ease the financial stress that comes with a sea of paperwork and unanswered questions. We want to get you on your way to a great education as soon as possible. We can walk you through the process and answer your questions much easier in person; plus, we can point out any additional grants or scholarships for which you may qualify! It’s a win-win for everyone!

Step 1: Complete the FAFSA

All students applying for financial aid must fill out the FAFSA.  Please go to the FAFSA Website and complete the form. If you need assistance completing the form, our financial aid staff is available to help.

When you fill out the FAFSA, make sure that you include our school code 035793 so we can determine what financial aid you are eligible for.  We should receive your FAFSA information within 6-7 business days. Write down your FSA ID as you will need this for all future financial aid activity.  It is a four digit code that will be given to you when you complete the FAFSA online.

You can complete a FAFSA at any time. However, applying on or before February 1st could make you eligible for priority state financial aidThere will be a second round (if funds are still available) with a deadline of April 1st.

Step 2: Schedule an Appointment with Financial Aid

Once you’ve completed the FAFSA, please make an appointment to visit with our financial aid staff for the next steps. We will go over which financial aid options are available, your eligibilities, and how to proceed from there. To schedule an appointment, please call 417-967-5466.

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Student Story

“I guess what most people are deterred by is the cost of the program because it is a little bit more expensive than others in the area, but Clarice and Chelsye will do absolutely everything they can to find financial help for you. They set me up with programs and grants and all kinds of things that made my whole experience there free. While it is a little more costly, they do more for you than other schools when it comes to finding you assistance. TCTC is a nursing school, so they know what kind of help nurses can get, where other schools that try to juggle all kinds of programs simply don’t care about helping you get aid. Usual financial aid people don’t know that and it just shows how much they care about each of their students.”

-Brittany Staggs, Accelerated LPN to RN Class of 2017

What is the cost of my program?

Program Tuition Guide


How does financial aid work?

First, complete a FAFSA at Make sure that you put our school code (035793) on your FAFSA so we will get your information. Then, set up an appointment with our Financial Aid office to discuss cost of program and the financial aid that may be available for you.

Ask A Question
Do you accept the A+ Scholarship?

We do not accept the A+ Scholarship, but we do accept other scholarships, grants, and loans. Just meet with the financial aid office and they will help you find aid.

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Do you assist with job placement for your grads?

Yes! Facilities from the area come to talk with our students during their program about job opportunities after graduation. We also notify our students and alumni of job fairs and job openings with facilities in the area.

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Can I still work while going to school?

That depends on you and your situation. Most of our students find it doable to work and go to school, but students and their schedules are different.

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I have kids. Can I still go to school?

Absolutely! About 75% of our student population has children. It might take a little more work and planning, but they make it work and have different ways of how they manage it.

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